Rigorous screening, thoughtful structuring, and active management

Manager Selection

Building long-term relationships with distinctive real estate investment managers

Metropolitan Real Estate invests in global real estate through distinctive, highly focused managers who possess deep knowledge of their markets and specialized sourcing and operating skills. 

In identifying funds and co-investments for inclusion in our vehicles, we leverage our proprietary database of real estate funds to identify potential managers. Since the firm’s inception, we have tracked approximately 3,000 potential fund opportunities associated with more than 1,000 underlying fund managers.

Our investment professionals follow a rigorous diligence process to help ensure that fund managers meet our standards. Our process includes an initial evaluation, pre- and on-site diligence, reference checking, investment analysis, and portfolio review.  We look for managers that possess the following characteristics:

  • Deep and experienced investment personnel with long tenure as a team
  • Proven ability to create results for investors consistent with the fund strategy*
  • Ability to buy at a discount through clever sourcing and comprehensive underwriting
  • Talent for portfolio composition, which includes the ability to accurately assess the aggregate impact of a collection of individual acqusitions
  • Demonstrated operational skills of delivering cash flow growth as projected; these skills may include disciplines such as property management, leasing and construction management*
  • Strong financial management skills including a sensible approach to debt financing
  • Thoughtful transaction structuring that aligns the interests of our managers with those of our investors

Once we have selected a management team, we work with them to optimize the structure of our investment to help meet our investors' needs, and we maintain an active dialogue throughout the life of our fund investment. 

As an active investor and partner with our fund managers, Metropolitan Real Estate often serves as an advisor, sharing experience and perspective on matters ranging from risk management and capital markets strategy to reporting and governance.

* Past performance is not indicative of future results.