We apply a classic value investing approach to be able to deliver results


Deep real estate expertise

Metropolitan Real Estate was founded in 2002 with one simple objective: to provide investors with access to a portfolio of high quality, focused real estate managers around the globe.

Since then, we have created tailored real estate portfolios to help clients meet their investment goals.

It takes experience, talent and innovation to be able to create attractive long-term value in real estate. Our investment approach, honed over multiple property cycles, seeks to take advantage of inefficiencies in the market; it guides our activity and is the source of the value we create for the institutions and individuals who invest with us. 

We believe success starts with knowing local markets and leveraging our network of skilled property operators. It’s how we spot trends before others do, see connections across markets and can create value.

Our success is also the result of rigorous investment analyses conducted by a deep team of experienced professionals who demonstrate a continued commitment to developing innovative solutions in partnership with our clients.