Strategies to help meet a range of investor needs

Commingled Partnerships

Broad exposure through a single investment

Commingled partnerships are an excellent way for investors to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of real estate investments.*

We typically create multi-investor, commingled vehicles, that include a broad range of managers and strategies that seek to capture value in real estate. We build portfolios which are diversified by underlying managers, in order to help mitigate risk and to generate attractive returns.

We seek to design our vehicles to provide exposure to the most promising aspects of global real estate, including an array of property types, markets and strategies. We focus on sufficiently diversifing our portfolios so that an investor’s sole exposure to real estate can be used to complement existing programs by adding small manager, emerging manager, non-core or regional focuses. Investors have the ability to select U.S., non-U.S. or Global portfolios. We will also occasionally create vehicles with more narrow, or targeted, exposure to specific market opportunities that we think may offer unique and attractive return characteristics.

Each commingled fund is comprised of approximately 10-15 underlying investments, each of which may utilize moderate leverage, consistent with our risk management guidelines. Investments are largely primary positions in funds, but may also include secondary investments or co-investments. The positions are typically invested with smaller focused managers who generally raise $200-600mm per fund in the U.S. (and slightly more for those outside of the U.S.).  

Prior Year Partnerships

Metropolitan Real Estate Partners: U.S. Fund Series

  • I 2003
  • II 2004
  • III 2005
  • IV 2006
  • V 2007
  • VI 2008
  • VII 2009
  • VII 2010
  • VIII 2011
  • IX 2013
  • X 2014

Metropolitan Real Estate Partners International:
Non-U.S. Fund Series

  • EURO 2006
  • II 2007
  • III 2009
  • IV 2011
  • V 2013
  • VI 2014

Metropolitan Real Estate Partners Global: Feeder Fund Series

  • I 2007
  • II 2008
  • III 2009
  • IV 2010
  • V 2011
  • VI 2013
  • VII 2014

Metropolitan Real Estate Partners Special Investments:
Distressed Debt Fund Series

  • DCIF 2008
  • DS II 2010


*Diversification does not eliminate the risk of loss.