Strategies to help meet a range of investor needs

Multi-Manager Model

Leveraging our global investment expertise

Our products invest in closed-end private real estate funds and related investments for our institutional and high-net-worth investors. These structures can enable investors to gain access to our network of real estate investment managers through a single investment. 

Our multi-manager model has been our single focus since the firm was founded in 2002. Since then, we have sponsored 26 commingled vehicles and have worked with an array of investors to create customized programs.

We believe a multi-manager structure allows us to capture the benefits of investing with managers who tend to be focused, local operators or other specialists. We seek to mitigate the risk of their focus by constructing and actively managing a portfolio comprised of multiple underlying investments. Our products are designed to offer both diversification as well as targeted exposure to those market opportunities that we have identified as having more promising return characteristics.   

Our manager selection process is focused on assembling what we believe are high quality investment vehicles. We evaluate hundreds of prospective fund managers each year in order to select a small number for inclusion in our portfolios. We are active in the property markets across the major global regions (North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, and Latin America) and have teams on the ground on three continents.

We construct two types of partnerships designed to capitalize on our manager network – commingled funds, which are invested in diversified portfolios by vintage year and/or by strategy, and custom programs, which are tailored to help meet the specific needs of an investor.



Specialized portfolios constructed to help meet an investors’ unique needs